animal crossing: new leaf town tour

Wednesday 5 April 2017

Animal Crossing is one of my favourite games. I've been playing it since I was twelve and could watch town tours on youtube for hours! It's so fun to see how different, diverse and personalised other people's towns are. My town is still a work in progress, so I figured it would be fun to document the many phases of my town and how it changes over the seasons!

My town is called Skyrim because I started playing Animal Crossing New Leaf and Skyrim around the same time, and I clearly really loved Skyrim (with good reason, it's an amazing game)

On main street, I have unlocked T&T Emporium, Club LOL, Kicks, Shampoodle, and The Dream Suite. I don’t have the fortune telling shop yet, but I’m working on it by getting my fortune told every time Katrina visits town! My current neighbours are: Miranda, Curlos, Groucho, Bluebear, Kiki, Rocket, Jay, Keaton, Clay, & Cheri.

This is my house and animal crossing Rosario. She has pink hair and always wears thick rimmed glasses. She’s wearing a pink zap suit, which makes a little zap sound when you put it on, because obviously she is a boss babe. She’s also wearing a beret because I'm just a little bit obsessed with them, and some brown tights and pink sneakers to match her dress. My house has a yellow roof, pale blue walls, a pink door, a mermaid postbox and little green hedges around the perimeter (covered in snow!)

The left hand photo is of the town hall, renovated in the Fairy Tale style. The third is the coffee shop aka best place in town, as you an tell from AC Rosario's face. The fourth image is one of my fairy tale bridges and my ever growing collection of red, pink and white roses. I'm trying to border all my paths with these flowers exclusivity, but we're having a pink rose shortage at the moment.

This flower archyway is one of my favourite public work projects! Red and pink are some of my favourite colours and roses are my favourite flowers so the combination is perfect. I still need to come up with some ways to seamlessly incorporate it into the and landscape though. Feel free to shoot me some ideas!

The top right photo is of my rose breeding site. As we have a pink rose shortage, this corner of the town is dedicated to crossbreeding to produce pink roses. I water them as much as possible and they also look really nice together. The bottom left is Bluebear's house. She's a cute and peppy blue bear cub. I created a little tulip garden for her because she's my favourite villager and she has been in Skyrim from the beginning. The bottom right is a nice bell I built and the best part's that it makes a sound when you interact with it!

Oranges are my native fruit so I planted a bunch of perfect orange trees everywhere to sustain them and ensure I will never run out! I love the shape of them, they look interestingly like orange pears. I took some more photos of my flowerbeds because I love flowers. Pink and yellow are my favourite colours, and as mayor, I obviously had to create a personal flowerbed right next to my house.

Onto the inside of my house. I’ve unlocked all the rooms but haven’t expanded them all yet.

This is the first room in my house. It’s a bit messy but its home. The theme is home in the sky and I have an assortment of minimalist, regal, and lovely furniture because I'm bad at collecting single furtinture sets! But they look cute together, so it's fine. I have some other bits and pieces such as the mermaid sofa (my fav), a balloon lamp, typewriter, Mr & Mrs Flamingo, and lucky cats.

Some more details, including my marshmallow chair, a sword, bow and arrow, music box and relaxing on the couch. I have the sword and a crossbow on either side of the door leading to the back room because I want to maintain the impression of being cute but also a sword wielding badass.

The room on the right is my most recent redevelopment. I call it my chill-gaming-snack room. It’s got a tv, a games stand, and plenty of snacks. I want to change some bits up and get things a bit more aesthetically pleasing, but it’s cute for now! As you can see, there are a ton of snacks, and a nice comfy sofa for optimal comfort whilst gaming.

The back room is my antique inspired library room. It has some rococo furniture, mush and polka dot furniture, some statues, and of course, books. Once again the furniture styles are mixed up but that's just how things roll in Skyrim. I think the red polka dots look really nice and cosy with all the wood, and make the perfect library decor.

To the left, I have my creative music room, where I store all the instruments I've collected but cannot play (yet!) When the room is expanded I'm going to incorporate a corner for other creative hobbies, like painting and maybe a computer for blogging!

Upstairs I have my harvest furniture themed bedroom! I wanted it to have a dressing room feel so I  put in a lovely vanity and makeup case. I added a balloon lamp and little goldfish bowl because they look fun! Plus, I’ve got another sword because I want to reinforce the idea that you can wear makeup and be a sword wielding badass at the same time.

The basement is where the magic happens. Most villagers think I work at the Town Hall, but this is where I really control everything in the town (and the universe.) It’s also home to my teddy bear collection. As you can see, they all stare you in the face as you enter the room. I tried to compensate for the lack of windows by making the room kinda look like a garden. I'm planning on adding more plants to liven things up a bit!

The basement is also and where I use my computer, surf the internet, daydream, and occasionally play some super smash bros.

I hope you've enjoyed having a peek into my town! What is your favourite part!? 
Thanks for reading, and have a great day!

And remember that bad times... are just times that are bad.

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