✨ Badge Collection ✨

Friday 12 August 2016

I love badges. They’re cute, inexpensive and fun. They can symbolise literally anything - your interests, your passions, your favourite band to simply looking just plain cute. I've been a badge fanatic since my early teen years, (thanks emo phase) and my love for badges has never really faded. Badges are amazing because they give you an added level of customisation to your outfits and bags - you can pretty much pin them anywhere and curate a collection based on your personal interests and style. I love them so much I thought I'd share my small but meaningful collection!

badge collection
The first two are my old school Paramore badges I bought way back when were still a four piece band. I’ve listened to them since I was a little baby teenager and even though the band has practically disintegrated, I still have a place in my heart for them. I bought a pack of four and two are pictured here. They’re pretty beat up but I like keeping them around as little reminders of my emo days. Plus, I still adore the 'Riot' artwork.

The next three in the top row, are from when I apparently got caught up in the keep calm and carry on trend. I’m not a patriotic person but they remind me that sometimes things are beyond your control and the only thing you can do about it, is keep yourself from freaking out and keep going. The crown also came with the set and to be honest, I never really liked it, but it could be kind of cute if you forget about it's association with the monarchy.  

The badge in the second row is DOMO. Another teenage purchase that I still love. I had a Domo obsession after seeing it on Nickelodeon between programmes (probably SpongeBob) and bought another four pack of badges! I've got them all over the place because they're so cute and this is the only one I’m not currently using!

Then I have two badges with Joel and Ellie from the PlayStation game ‘The Last of Us’ because it’s one of my favourite games in existence! Seriously go and play that game if you’re looking for a great all round game- great story, characters, graphics, environment, gameplay + zombies!!

I impulse bought the ‘will work for books’ badge from Waterstones after triumphantly handing in some University essays last year. Apt because I will work for (money to buy) books. Please hire me, Waterstones. 

The final little blue badge is one that was gifted to me by my sister, and has the initials AAR which stand for The All American Rejects – probably the first band I ever considered my favourite. Ah nostalgia. 

bag with badges
bag with badges and pins
Next up are the badges I currently have on my backpack!, There are quite a few and it's a bit of a struggle to safely fit any more on!

Starting from the top left corner I have the sunglasses, roller skate, and dreamer badge that I acquired at Dreamland in Margate whilst on a trip. They are super cute and the most recent additions to my collection. I thought the roller skate badge was hilarious because I went roller skating for the first time and literally couldn’t get round the rink once without falling over!

I bought the orange ‘masterpiece’ badge from the Tate Modern gift shop on a school trip for my GCSE art class in 2010/11 (ages ago!) I stuck this one on my bag a couple of months ago after stumbling upon it and deciding that yes, I am a masterpiece, and so is this backpack.

And then I have a bunch of ‘The Last of Us’ badges and another Paramore one, and finally another keep calm and carry on badge!
pins and badges on a backpack
On the bottom section of my backpack I only have three badges because they always seem to get knocked off and lost! I have yet another (really beat up) Paramore badge, another DOMO badge, this time adorably peeking out from an egg shell, and a peace badge because I am a peace loving fairy who wants a kinder and more accepting world.

And that's it! With the increased popularity of pins and badges, there seems to be more choice than ever, which means it's become so much easier to find something great! ! I want to buy some more from independent artists (etsy is a badge and pin goldmine) and some more with political slogans (feminism) and cute nerdy badges (steven universe at the moment!)

Do you guys have any badges? + Let me know which badge is your favourite!?


  1. I'm obsessed with badges! :3 Loving The Last of Us ones <3 (because it's my favorite game ever haha)
    xo Kitten ♥ The Howling WolfHeart

    1. Yay, I'm not the only one, they really are so fun that it's easy to get obsessed! Ah, you have amazing taste in games!!!

  2. I love badges! They're just so cute, and they really do personalise an outfit :)

    1. Ah I know right!! They totally take personalisation to a whole new level!

  3. I love badges too! I used to collect a lottt of them, I think I need to start collecting them again soon x

    skinnydecxflatte.blogspot.com xo

    1. Yay! you really should, I think they'd go really nicely with your style!

  4. i love collecting these as well, you have so many cute ones!

    danielle | avec danielle

    1. Yay, a fellow collector, it's so much fun! thank you so much!!