m&s apple hot cross buns

Friday 24 March 2017

m&s apple hot cross buns taste like deception

 Hot Cross Bun Chronicles Part 3 ~

Apples are a gift from the Gods, a divine piece of fruit we are blessed to have, so sweet, so pure, so juicy. M&S once again tempted me with these attractive hot cross buns, so I'm back with another segment to my Hot Cross Bun Chronicles. 

What they say:
'Kentish Bramley Apple Hot Cross Buns with a hint of warming cinnamon.'

What I say: They do not taste like apples.

Trust me, I ate three of these buns and there was not even a hint of apple in there. Sorely disappointed is an understatement. 

At first glance, they appear golden and moist, soft, fluffy and divine. What's more, they smell incredibly of cinnamon rolls, M&S are renowned for their way with words, and you can definitely smell that warming cinnamon. They don't have much of a shine but that might be because it took me a few days to try one.

The major drawback, is that they don't taste of apple, whatsoever. They taste like an ordinary hot cross bun, and not only that, they are not even spiced well. The cinnamon smell does not transfer into flavour which just adds another layer of disappointment. They do have a decent smattering of currants though, at least that's something.

Overall: Disappointing. These buns are fairly decent if you're after an ordinary hot cross bun, but they are advertised as apple and that is not what you get. They could've been something extraordinary, but instead they were just apple-ling. 



  1. Love this interesting post, love your blog as well, cannot wait for the next post, thank you for sharing!!!



  2. they sound so good, but how disappointing that they don't actually taste like apples. what's the point! xx