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About The Blog

Rosarioverse is a UK-based lifestyle blog, bringing you content on all things relating to food, fitness and living a healthy balanced lifestyle. Expect to see a mix of fitness, lifestyle and pop culture mixed together! 

If that sounds like something you're interested in then stick around and give this blog a follow.

Who is Rosario?

Hi! I'm Rosario! I'm a creative daydreamer with a love for fitness, food, music, and the colour pink.

I'm a Level 3 qualified personal trainer with a love for weightlifting and helping others find enjoyment in fitness. I'm passionate about maintaining an active lifestyle while also enjoying a good dessert every once in a while - it's all about balance

I'm enthusiastic about finding ways to fit fitness into your lifestyle, whatever your job or hobbies! I personally love to read, go to gigs and play video games all while keeping myself strong and healthy, and you can too! 

Someone once told me, if you can't find where you belong, create a space of your own - so that's what I'm doing.

Feel free to get in touch, follow, start a conversation, or just check in to see how things are!

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