sainsbury wholemeal hot cross buns

Saturday 22 April 2017

~ Hot Cross Bun Chronicles Part 4 ~

Easter may be over but my love for hot cross buns is definitely not. Today I'm bringing you some thoughts on my favourite hot cross buns yet. In fact, I believe these are the ones that started it all in the first place. I bought them (from Sainsburys) for a reduced price and kinda just fell in love. 

What they say: 'Wholemeal Hot Cross Buns. Improved Recipe'

What I say:  Amazing and kinda life changing. Can't really comment on the 'improved recipe' but this recipe tastes good!

I was never really into hot cross buns until I tried these, and since that day I've been a changed girl. These buns not only look super appetising and golden, they are soft and doughy and taste almost exactly how a hot cross bun should. The aroma is deliciously like a classic hot cross bun with hints of orange and cinnamon which you can definitely taste as well.

I was pleasantly surprised by a nice even distribution of currants and they had just the right amount of syrupy juiciness to them. The bun itself was not too sweet, so these are great if your sweet tooth is quite small. My only complaint would be they were a little bit dry, the bun could've had a bit more squish to it.

I’ve also tried the luxury hot cross buns from Sainsbury and omg they were amazing, Sadly I couldn’t find them in my local Sainsburys, so they are just a distant dream now. In fact they are the only hot cross buns to rival these wholemeal ones.

Overall: Very good and the wholemeal ensures you'll be left feeling full and fulfilled after your hot cross bun journey. Good job Sainsburys!

8/10 !!

Thanks for reading, hope you have fab day!

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