Friday, 26 May 2017

6 interesting hot cross bun recipes

~ Hot Cross Bun Chronicles Part 5 ~

My love for hot cross buns seems to be for life, not just for Easter. It's no surprise that I love hot cross buns. I've seen so many different flavour combinations in shops, and even tried a few, but they never seem to live up to my expectations (M&S I'm looking at you) So I've been collecting some interesting and intriguing hot cross bun recipes from creative bakers of the internet, and rounded up a few that seem particularly mouth watering.

Monday, 15 May 2017

a haulternative // second hand gems

When I was about twelve I watched a documentary about Primark. It was a documentary about the appalling working conditions in their factories, predominantly in Asian countries. It was my first time being exposed to the hidden realities of fast fashion and I remember being absolutely shocked. It effected me so intensely I immediately decided to boycott Primark. I can quite proudly say I stuck to that pledge. Boycotting one brand was progress, but it wasn't going to change the entire industry.

It's very easy to turn a blind eye to the hidden side of fast fashion are hidden and there is very little information readily available. I struggled to find ethical clothing companies I could afford to buy from, but then I discovered Fashion Revolution, the first easily accessible website I found challenging fast fashion.

Thursday, 4 May 2017

may wishes

Happy May! Here are some of my wishes for the month of May! I'm also wishing for some nice summer weather, but honestly I'm wishing for that all year round!

Take more instant photos

I've had my instant camera for over a year now and I've only used it about three or four times! I'm always a bit reluctant to use it, in case the photos turn out bad. You only get one chance with an instant camera and I'm always worried about wasting the remaining film, which is pretty silly. If I want to take a photo, I'm just gonna take it! 

Film some youtube videos for my shiny new gaming channel

I've been thinking about making a gaming channel for ages (YEARS) and this month I'm finally going to make it happen. I have so many ideas already but definitely let me know if you have any game recommendations or suggestions? ~SNEAK PEAK~  I'm thinking of doing some Sims 3 challenges, Yandere Simulator, and some horror games like Outlast and Resident Evil. I also own a copy of Undertale but I haven't played it yet!! This might finally be my chance to play it without feeling guilty.

Buy some cute Hufflepuff merch at the Harry Potter Studio Tour

I'm going to the Harry Potter Studio tour at the end of the month! Technically it's a late birthday present and I'm so excited! I'm putting aside some money to buy my first ever piece of Hufflepuff merch! I don't actually own any Harry Potter merchandise (outrageous, I know) so I'm definitely going to be on the hunt for something cute and yellow!

Meet Aycan for reals 

This is so exciting! We're both going to the same gig this month, so we shall meet for real this time! We were actually at the same All Time Low gig in March but missed each other (because I had my data switched off!!) This time I will be prepared! We have so many hobbies and interests in common so I know we will have a super cute and fun time!

Revamp and edit old blog posts

I wanna go through my archives and do some digital spring cleaning. Along the lines of reformatting text and images, weeding out pesky typos and generally making old posts look more presentable.  A bit of a challenge but if I do a bit at a time I should get it done this month.

Visit some charity and vintage shops

I've had an interest in shopping ethically from a young age but always struggled to put it into practice. I don't usually buy new clothes that often (every couple of months maybe) but I want to stop buying from brands and companies that perpetuate fast fashion. I'm planning on hitting up some charity and vintage shops very soon, and hope to find some absolutely unique gems!

What are your plans for the month!?