Sunday, 30 October 2016

a witchy ootd

I've always admired fashion bloggers but honestly never though I would make an ootd post myself, even though I am super into personal style. I adore the feeling of crafting an aesthetic and vibe that makes me feel empowered and amazing. There's something about the act of putting different articles of clothing together that really appeals to me. For me, personal style is an act of creativity. So, I figured why not make an ootd post?

The only thing holding me back was my camera shyness. I grew up so super camera shy and I'm not even exaggerating here. At one point during school I literally cried because I didn't want to be in a school photo. Pretty extreme, pretty dramatic. I guess whilst I'm never going to be a fashion blogger, this is like a little triumph for me, a little victory over any appearance and photo related issues I've had in the past. Go me!

This is one of my favourite outfits to wear and it coincidentally has a real witchy vibe to it. I will pretty much wear this outfit anywhere and everywhere, so I guess I'd consider myself witchy all year round. It's the perfect combination of comfy and cute.

Ingredients for the perfect witchy outfit:

Saturday, 29 October 2016

this is halloween: a halloween playlist

I'm a general fan of all things creepy, so as a music obsessed individual I extend that to music as well. The songs either have creepy titles, creepy sounds, creepy lyrics, or just overall creepy vibes. I personally love this playlist and think it may be one of my favourites, I hope you discover something to get you into the creepy Halloween mood!

The Spotify playlist is below! I've had it on repeat all week!

Have a great day and a happy Saturday! 

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

spooky tv and film to watch this halloween


I have to admit, I really enjoy watching horror films all year round - it's not uncommon for my household to have horror movie nights at any given time. As a fan of all things horror, Halloween always seems like my time to shine and give some creepy and spooky recommendations for all levels on the creep scale. Whether you're a seasoned horror fan or you're just looking for some thrills this Halloween, here are some of my recommendations! 

The Grudge


The Grudge is the one horror film that left me petrified. Maybe it’s because I watched it when I was 10 years old, or maybe it’s just a great horror film?  (probably a bit of both) It’s a little bit like The Ring, with the premise that everyone that enters a specific house starts seeing ghosts and ends up dead. I’ve yet to watch the Japanese original, but the American remake stars Sarah Michelle Gellar (let’s be real, this is the reason I watched this film in the first place) and it's a great watch if you’re looking for something creepy and scary with a lot of jump scares and creepy ghosts.

A Tale of Two Sisters  


This is one of my more recent favourites. I watched the original Korean film and would highly recommended it. The story revolves around two sisters, Su-yeon and Su-mi and their family, following Su-mi’s stay in a psychiatric hospital. The film is quite subtle for the most part, with few jump scares but there are so many creepy moments. The creepiness is so intense and well done, it’s amazing to watch if you just want a slow, mysterious and creepy film to watch.

28 Days Later and 28 Weeks Later 


What would a Halloween watch list be without zombies? I’m a huge zombie fan and have watched so many, but my favourite has to be the 28 Days Later and 28 Weeks Later. Each film follows different sets of characters 28 days, and 28 weeks following a zombie outbreak in the UK. There’s everything you would expect from a zombie film -  action, violence, gore, unsettling and heart racing situations and moments, as well as some likeable characters to get attached to. The beginning of 28 Weeks Later is such a scary masterpiece and 28 Days Later has some amazing scenes of an abandoned London.

Nightmare before Christmas 


I’ve seen the Nightmare before Christmas everywhere (especially in emo days) but I have to admit, I only watched the film a couple of years ago. If you’re not a fan of scary horror and want some cute animated Halloween themed viewing, this is a good shout. It also doubles up as a film to get you excited and pumped up about all the autumn/winter festivities and Christmas!


Stranger Things 

I think this is a rewatch for most people! I'm sure everyone has heard of Stranger Things and at only eight episodes long it's a quick watch and honestly not too scary. It's quite creepy at times but even if your're not into super scary horror and thrillers, definitely give this a watch -  it's more of a mystery with elements of  sinister creepiness thrown in.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Buffy is one of my favourite TV shows ever and was my childhood obsession so it comes as no surprise that I'm recommending this. Buffy is quite a lengthy show at seven seasons but they're so addictive and easy to watch that it's super easy to fly though them. The first three seasons follow Buffy and the 'Scooby Gang' in highschool and have a more monster of the week format, whilst seasons four onward gets a bit darker and brings in some more serious issues. Either way, there are some delightfully creepy moments, some action, humour and just about a bit of everything in Buffy. 

American Horror Story

If you’re not scared of creepy and downright disturbing content, give American Horror Story a watch. Some of the things on this show are so creepy that I was kind of surprised they allowed it on TV? The characters and plot change each season which is pretty cool and unique for a show and also keeps the suspense high, so the mysteries aren't dragged on and on to the point of getting dull. Thus far, Murder House and Coven are my favourite Seasons. The Sixth Season has recently started airing and the Halloween episode is always spectacular and creepy, so definitely keep an eye out for that. 

Saturday, 8 October 2016

30 lifestyle and book blog post ideas!

Looking for some blog post inspiration? Since conjuring up and planning 31 blog posts for Blogtober, I've acquired a wealth of ideas for blog posts. Here are some which will hopefully give you some inspiration! 

Lifestyle & Style

  1. Share your day in 24 photos or 60 seconds if you want to branch into video format! Or maybe even both if you’re up for a multimedia challenge
  2. Go on a date with yourself and document it
  3. Share your favourite things about blogging/being an internet babe
  4. Write the recipe for the perfect day
  5. A list of good things for bad days
  6. Write a post raising awareness for a cause you really care about
  7. Share some tips for productivity and time management
  8. Did you have any childhood obsessions?
  9. Share some inspirational quotes and why you love them
  10. A classic what’s in my bag or a what’s on my bag (for any badge, pin, and accessory fans)
  11. Share your favourite seasonal outfit 
  12. Share your favourite lounge wear 
  13. Share and outfit of the day and your thoughts on each piece/what it means to you, and how it fits into your personal style
  14. Share the evolution of your personal style, your taste in music, makeup etc.
  15. Write a posts sharing your collections- makeup, books, badges/pins, hairbands, merch etc.
  16. Spread some internet love and share your favourite bloggers and youtubers
  17. Share some dreams – from your childhood and your current dreams
  18. Write about the inspirational figures in your life (fictional or not)
  19. What are your hobbies? Write a post for beginners and how to get into it –where to start.
  20. A themed wishlist or current wishlist (because everyone loves a bit of online shopping)

Books, & everything else

  1. Recent reads and your thoughts
  2. Cosy reads for colder months
  3. Books you are determined to read by the end of the year!
  4. Reasons to be excited for recent releases/upcoming releases
  5. Share your favourite book quotes
  6. Pick up a newspaper/old book and create some blackout poetry + share the process!
  7. Your favourite books/films/TV of all time
  8. Create a themed playlist and share it (seasonal, by genre, the possibilities are endless)
  9. Apps that make life so much easier/ your essential apps
  10. Create a themed recommended reading list (eg recommended Halloween reads, recommend reading for nerds/for fans of …. etc.)

I hope you found some inspiration or just had a nice time perusing these ideas! Thanks for reading and have a lovely day!
PS. let me know if you're doing blogtober too!
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Wednesday, 5 October 2016

my buffy the vampire slayer merch collection

Buffy the Vampire Slayer is without a dobut my favorite TV show. It's been such a is a huge part of my life, imbued with nostalgia, childhood memories and just a general feeling of happiness. To me it's a timeless tv show, I'll probably still be re-watching Buffy until old and grey and love it just as much as I did when I was younger. Over the years I've accumulated a lot of Buffy related merch and I thought it'd be fun to share my collection! Plus a good excuse to get all my old merch out and reminisce. 

First up I have this Buffy Flannel, which I've never used and now don't want to break that cycle.I think I bought it from ebay around the time I was first allowed to go on the internet (makes me feel old.) I also have x2 Buffy Postcards and a Cordelia Postcard. Fun fact: Cordelia was one of my favourite Buffy characters, I seemed to overlook the fact that she was pretty mean, but I really admired her confidence and sass! 
 I'm pretty sure this Buffy mug came with an easter egg my parents bought me! It has a photo of Buffy and the quote 'I have a strategy, you're not in it' on the other side. The quote is said by Buffy to Wesley when he's interfering with her slaying! I've had the mug in storage for absolutely ages but I've just started using it for my makeup brushes. Yay for usefulness! 

Also pictured is a witch pez. If you're a Buffy fan you might remember Oz gifting Willow a witch pez dispenser in season three. It's not the same one but it's similar and reminded me of that episode, so obviously I bought it! .I think I actually bought it whilst on a day trip to France during my Primary school days. You can totally tell I was obssessed with Buffy to extent that even abroad, I scouted out something Buffy related to buy! I also remember buying a Buffy magazine (in french) because I thought it was cool and I was sure that one day I'd learn to speak French (spoiler: that day has yet to come!) I guess it was a Buffy filled school trip. 
I''m sure this Buffy Tin also came with an Easter Egg. It's a really pretty purple and silver colour and really good quality so I've been using it for a good few years to store bits and pieces in. Plus, it makes great decoration! 
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Chaos Bleeds, PS2 game. This game is so much fun and is definitely one of my favourite games from my childhood! You get to play as a different character for each level, and I remember playing the multiplayer mode with my brother and sister all the time! I also have this Buffy pencil tin which I store my Buffy trading cards in. I was always too scared to store my everyday pens and pencils in it because I was so scared it might get scratched! (and still kind of worried so I keep it hidden and safe!) 
Ah my DIY Buffy stickers. I was a crafty kid, and I was so obsessed  with Buffy, I would literally cut out photos of anything to do with Buffy case from magazines, and make them into stickers with my  trusty sticker maker (which I still have and use!) Not sure what I was planning on using them for but I still have them in my sticker book, and look fondly at them from time to time. 
I literally have a folder just full of Buffy related clippings from magazines, packaging and random other Buffy related bits. Again, I'm not sure what I planned on using them for? Maybe just to horde!? I also have the packaging for a lost Buffy mouse mat and book light (r.i.p.)
ONTO the objects which were once my pride and joy. There used to be a Forbidden Planet in my town, and every time my Mum would take me and my sister into town, we insisted on going to Forbidden Planet. And in Forbidden Planet, I would fangirl over all the figurines. I absolutely adored them and remember always being so so excited to add to my little collection. Above are figurines of Willow and Tara (two in one pack!) & Anya (from the iconic musical episode!)
x2 Two Wesley figures 
I'm honestly not sure why I have two figures of him, because I don't remember having any particular love for him? Looking back he was a pretty entertaining character though. I guess I was subconsciously secretly in love with him!?
Buffy Trading Cards & Half a pack of Top Trumps. Because I was so young, and didn't have the money to buy a lot of merch, I often ended up just buying a pack of trading cards (despite having no one but my sister to trade with.) I even got one of the special cards, with a piece of the coat Warren wore in the episode 'Seeing Red' I was pretty stoked about that.  

At first it might just seem like a photo of a door, no big deal, but on the door I have the same poster Buffy and Willow have on their dorm room door, and even better, it's about all about CHOCOLATE. The poster has little images depicting different chocolate treats and even has some little facts about chocolate at the bottom. It's pretty snazzy.

Some things I know I have somewhere but couldn't find include: a Buffy bag made from purple velvet, a 12" figurine of Buffy and  another of Oz, the Buffy Soundtracks 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Album' and 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Radio Sunnydale' as well as the 'Once More With Feeling' soundtrack. I also have a ton of  Buffy magazines that I bought every time I visited WH Smith, and also the DVD box set! I distinctly remember being around the age of twelve and coming home, eating some food and then spending the evening watching a couple of episodes every day after school until I got through all seven seasons! 

I have so many happy memories associated with Buffy and writing about all my merch and my strange but sweet childhood obsession with Buffy makes twenty one year old me happy. 

I'd love to know if you had any childhood obsessions!?
or were a Buffy obsessed youth like me!??!
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✨ anime recommendations ✨

Hey everyone! I've been watching anime for a few years now and one of my absolute favourite things about anime, is that there is just so much choice. So many genres and so many amazing stories and characters that are hard to find elsewhere. So today I'm sharing six different anime I really love and would recommend to everyone!

For friendships and slow burning romance  

Kimi Ni Todoke 
Kimi Ni Todoke is a cross between a slice of life anime, showing everyday life of characters with a comedy and drama undertone. It follows the misunderstood Sawako, and the friendships and relationships she develops, after an encounter with Kazehaya, a popular and energetic boy in her class. Sawako such a cute little cinnamon roll. She's kind to everyone, humble, and always tries her best, even in the worst of circumstances. Her shy and kind nature is often misinterpreted by her peers as creepiness, however she always does her best to be helpful despite her undeserved reputation. (Although some of her facial expressions are quite creepy… in a cute way). Some parts were a little frustrating (especially in the second season) but it’s just adorable and so lovely to watch.


Love Live!
After hearing that their high school is closing due to lack of student applications, Honoka, with the help  her two friends Umi and Kotori and decide to create a school idol group in an effort to boost the popularity of their school and save it from closure! The series follows their failures and successes and all the hard work they put in toward achieving their goals of competing and winning the biggest school idol competition, Love Live! The whole cast of characters have such dynamic and different personalities and its such a fun and refreshing anime to watch. It’s all about always trying your best, and working hard to achieve your goals and dreams with a positive attitude. 


No Matter How I Look At It, It's You Guys' Fault I'm Unpopular!
Where do I start with this anime. It’s simultaneously entertaining, comical, and uncomfortable to watch. The anime follows fifteen year old Tomoko Kuroki, who spends her time reading manga, watching anime, and playing a ton of dating sims, and is resolute that her life will change when she enters high school and becomes a high school girl TM However, things don’t go to plan and Watamote essentially follows the struggles of Tomoko as she tries to figure things out. It's quite dark at times and might be a little hard to watch for some people, (second hand embarrassment) but I think it's a very realistic and sharp portrayal of social anxiety. The entire anime is from Tomoko’s perspective and there are very, very few other characters, which makes it a super interesting character exploration. 


Neon Genesis Evangelion 
This is the first anime I ever properly watched so it will always have a special place in my heart. Apparently the Fightstar album ‘Grand unification’ was partially inspired by this anime, and as a huge Fightstar fan I had to check it out. And boy am I glad I did! Set in a post-apocalyptic world threatened by beings known as ‘angels,’ the story follows fourteen year old Shinji who called by his father to pilot a giant robot, and battle the so called ‘angels.’ The fate of humanity hangs on Shinji and his fellow pilots and a whole host of deeper and darker secrets are revealed. Whilst this anime is considered a psychological drama, it does have some comical and light-hearted moments as well as deep, psychologically dramatic moments. The ending is a little confusing but it’s all about the journey really. 


Attack on Titan 
Set in a world where humanoid giants known as Titans roam the world, humanity has barricaded themselves behind walls in order to survive. After a hundred years of the walls existence however, one titan breaks through the walls and sets off a whole load of drama, plot twists and action. The series follows Erin, his adoptive sister Misaka, and their friend Erin as they join the Survey Corps, a military unit who are trained to go outside the walls and combat titans. Attack on Titan is one of those super popular anime that have tons of hype surrounding it, and rightfully so. This anime was so amazing I managed to watch the entire 25 episodes in two days. Needless to say it’s got some super addictive qualities.


Himouto! Umaru-chan
Himouto! Umaru-chan is another slice of life anime, following the daily adventures of Umara, a high school girl who seems to be ‘perfect’ girl – kind, popular and an overachiever, however as soon as she gets home she transforms into a lazy otaku. As a slice of life anime, there’s not much in terms of an extensive plot - it’s more about the characters and their lives. It’s funny, lots of fun to watch and it has some cute moments. It’s a great anime to watch if you’re in the mood for something fun and funny, or something to cheer yourself up!

Do you watch any anime? or any of the above!? let me know + feel free to leave me some recommendations, I'd love to hear them!

Sunday, 2 October 2016

A grrrl playlist

I haven't posted a playlist in forever, so today I''m sharing a Grrrl themed playlist. It's essentially a playlist containing empowering songs by some of favourite female musicians.
grrrl playlist feminst cassette doodle
It's a playlist inspired by the Riot Grrrl movement which was essentially women taking music into their own hands and making music by themselves, for themselves, and challenging the male dominated music scene. Very feminist and very much my kind of thing. 

I divided this playlist into two parts - hard and soft. 

The hard songs to me, are songs that motivate me to get up and go, to challenge everything, and feel tough. They're about being angry, remaining strong and being true to yourself. They remind me that women can do and be anything. 

The soft songs are equally as strong and remind me that there is strength in being soft. They're very introspective and are comforting reminders that it’s okay to take your time. Most of them are soft in tone and sound, and the lyrics are some that I find uplifting or comforting in some way. 



  1. Gangsta- Kehlani
  2. Rebel Girl – Bikini Kill
  3. Glory and Gore – Lorde
  4. Hurricane – Halsey
  5. It’s My Life – No Doubt
  6. Anklebiters – Paramore
  7. Baptism – Crystal Castles
  8. What You Waiting For? -  Gwen Stefani
  9. Bad Reputation – Joan Jettt
  10. Typical Girls – The Slits
  11. Bad Girls – M.I.A
  12. Oh Bondage, Up Yours! – X-Ray Spex
  13. My House – Pvris
  14. Gimme Chocolate!! – BABYMETAL


  1. Crybaby – Melanie Martinez
  2. Eau D’bedroom Dancing – Le Tigre
  3. I Am Not A Robot – Marina and the Diamonds
  4. Lions! – LIGHTS
  5. Before the World was Big - Girlpool
  6. It’s My Party – Lesley Gore
  7. Sugar Water – Cibo Matto
  8. Super Rat - Honeyblood
  9. Dreams – Fleetwood Mac
  10. What’s Up? - 4 Non Blondes

 Hope you enjoy and let me know which artists and musicians you have been listening to recently! I'm always looking for more great music from great women so definitely share some recommendations in the comments! 

Saturday, 1 October 2016

Some current favourites

Some Current Favourites 

First up, I've really been enjoying experimenting with drawing and watercolours. I recently bought a pretty cheap set of watercolours (to add to my collection) because the colour range was so extensive and I am a little bit lazy (but seriously look at those colours.) I also made the magnets below from polymer clay and some paint. They were initially intended to be a gift but I messed them up a bit and I’m not convinced they’re up to gift standard. They got a little smudged and the drawing went a bit wrong so I had to abandon ship on some of my initial designs which was a little disappointing. I’m proud of them though and they still look kind of cute in my opinion. Plus I glazed them with glitter glaze, yep, glitter glaze.

Next up, I've been reading Battle Royale for the past couple of days, and man it's good. The size of the book (600 pages) was intimidating me for the longest time and I feel like such a fool because it's pretty addictive and great. It's quite gory and a very disturbing. The story is set in a dystopian Asia in which a class of middle school kids are forced to fight each other to the death. It's essentially the original Hunger Games and it's damn good so far.
And finally I just wanted to show how cute these little glass jars are. I picked them up from Wilko / Wilkinsons a few days ago and seriously, how adorable are they!? They have little pastel lids and contain pastel coloured pegs and clips. I use clips and paperclips a lot and the little pegs will come in handy for hanging things in an aesthetically pleasing manner! So cute I might just cry.

What are you guys loving at the moment? 
And let me know if you're doing Blogtober too!