new glasses: harry potter inspired!

Saturday 11 March 2017

I GOT NEW GLASSES! After going for a very belated (four years) eye test I picked up two new pairs of glasses, mostly because I couldn’t decide which pair I liked best!

I've grown to love glasses, but it wasn't always like that. I first started wearing glasses in primary school, and like most kids, I absolutely detested them. Being told I had to wear these strange and uncomfortable frames on my face was a challenge. The fact that I reacted badly to change and especially attention drawing change, made it all the more challenging. I refused to wear them and specifically remember the time my parents asked my teacher to make sure I was wearing them. This teacher (who was always mean to me, not entirely sure why but I have my suspicions) decided to shout at me, and send me to the head teachers office because I took them off whilst walking across the school. It’s important to note, I only need to wear glasses when concentrating or looking at a screen. Injustices committed against young Rosario still anger me to this day. Honestly, I could write an entire essay about them.

Regardless, I started loving my glasses at sixteen. They make me feel like a scholar, almost as though everything makes more sense when I’m wearing them, everything feels a bit more together. I have one long sighted and one short sighed eye, which means my eyeliner is sometimes a lil bit uneven, and I can’t see distances too well without glasses. They kinda just make everything HD, like switching from 360p to 1080p on a video. With my frame choices, I am once again (not so) subtly inspired by Harry Potter. Both frames have round lenses, very much inspired by the infamous Harry Potter, but each pair has a different vibe. 


Option one is inspired by the classic Harry Potter frames. Dark and round.

These are my very Harry Potter inspired glasses. Everything in my life seems to be influenced by Harry Potter at the moment, and honestly, I’m perfectly fine with that. I was half jokingly about getting Harry Potter glasses before I picked these out, but as soon as I tried them on I knew I just had to get them. Yer a Wizard Rosario!


Option two is a chic take on the Harry Potter glasses. Light and feminine.

These glasses make me feel supremely sophisticated, scholarly, and creative. When I put these on I feel like a kick ass woman, ready to get things done and get her life together. They kinda have that 'tumblr art girl' aesthetic to them, which not gonna lie, I kinda adore. Thanks to these glasses for helping me see clearly and experience the world in HD quality, and also for looking cute and making me feel good!

Thanks for reading and have a great day. 
Do you wear glasses? Has your relationship with them changed over time? 


  1. These really suit you! I've worn glasses all my life but I'm always bad at trying new styles once I've got something I like haha! X

    1. Thanks! I totally get that and kinda feel like I'm gonna be bad at trying anything other than round frames now!

  2. Long ago I wore big round hippie-style sunnies just for the style, and now I wear glasses to read (I'm wearing aviators right now). I like the look of your Harry Potter inspired glasses, and like the second look the most! I also love your pretty heart print pink sweater!

    1. Ah round hippie glasses sound fab, do you still wear them!? I've never really tried aviators but they always seem so effortlessly cool and detective like!
      Thanks so much!! This jumper is one of my absolute favourites!