nerdy gifts!

Thursday 1 December 2016

Nerdy and fandom inspired gifts are probably my favourite to gifts to give (and recieve tbh) If I know someone is into something nerdy I always try my hardest to find a nerdy gift to give them because when you're into nerdy things, nerdy gifts are the best. If you're looking for some nerdy gifts for a special nerd in your life then you've come to the right place. I've complied a little gift guide and suggestions on where to look for all your nerdy gifts! 

Forbidden Planet 

Can you ever go wrong with a Pop! Vinyl figure? They're cute and fun and guilt free and if it's a gift, your nerd will feel guilt free about adding another to their collection!
What better way to represent your Hogwarts house than with a journal? You can get this journal in the other House colours as well but I'm a Hufflepuff so....
I am obsessed with Steven Universe and know a lot of other people are too! These mugs are so nice and nerdy, and you can even get matching coasters! Forbidden Planet also have a ton of other mugs so check them out if your nerd is into other franchises! 

Insert Coin Clothing

Insert Coin make gaming inspired clothing and I have been drooling over this website for years. Most of their clothing is unisex and they have a good range of games.
Insert Coin recently released a Pokemon inspired range and it's amazing. Look at this Snorlax top! How could a Pokemon fan resist!  
This one is inspired by Life is Strange and has the same design as the top Chloe wears in the game. I find this concept so cool and the existence of such things fills my nerd heart with joy!
Similar to the previous, this is inspired by The Last of Us and has the same design as the top Ellie Wears in the game. So cool. 

Game Tee

Game Tee is one of my new favourite places to buy gaming merch from. They have such an amazing and unique range of gaming inspired merch, from clothing, to homeware to artworks, and I kind of want everything. 
A gaming inspired candle is kind of my dream. This is perfect for anyone who loves candles and gaming, and would make such a subtly nerdy gift! Imagine lighting this candle whilst playing Skyrim, what a treat! 
Gametee do these amazing gaming inspired book covers as art prints. It's such a unique concept and perfect for any nerds who love books and gaming.
If a hipflask is something your nerd might like, this one is pretty amazing and so nerdy. This one says it contains 'Mana' which is magic essnetially and there is also a 'poison' one which look equally as cool! The concept of this is so fun and clever, I love it! (also someone  gift me this plz)


Zavvi always have good deals on nerdy merch as well as games, dvds and technology.
If your nerd is into soft toys and Pokemon....
I could only find a Gryffindor version of this but this stocking is a perfect gift for any Christmas loving Gryffindors out there! 
If you're looking for something nerdy but practical, this is a pretty cool gift idea! I wonder how Batman takes his coffee? 

I hope you've found something cool for your nerd, or have at least gained some ideas or inspiration! 
Thanks for reading and have a great day!


  1. I need the Sailor Moon figure in my life :D

  2. I love that Christmas stocking! I don't even own a christmas stocking I don't think but that one would be perfect for me.

    1. I don't own one either! It is pretty cool and great if you want something a bit different from the usual christmas stockings!