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Wednesday 30 November 2016

Has anyone else made a purchase inspired by a fictional character? In my life, I have made multiple purchases 100% inspired by fictional characters I adore. I'm going to dress it up as combining my love for style with my love for fictional characters but in reality I'm probably just a super fangirl.

Inspired by Connie Maheswaran from Steven Universe

I love Steven Universe (like a lot) and Connie is one of my favourite characters. It's always SO nice to see a non-white main character in literally anything so i'm super happy about the existence of Connie.

I stumbled upon this mint skirt on ebay and automatically did a double take because it reminded me of Connie's green skirt. I put it with a white crop top because despite the cold weather, I am obsessed with crop tops at the moment. Plus it looks cute and this is just another example Steven Universe influencing my life.

Inspired by Leon S. Kennedy from Resident Evil 4 

Ah the coat that I bought 100% because it reminded me of Leon S. Kennedy. Resident Evil 4 is my favourite in the Resident Evil series. It has the perfect blend of zombies, horror, action, and creepiness. I remember watching my sister play it on our PlayStation 2 when I was about 13, so apparently I got into this game pretty young! 

I saw this coat on ASOS a few years ago and the first thing I thought was LEON S. KENNEDY! (caps necessary) It reminded me of the jacket he wears in the game, but in coat form, so obviously I had to have it! I've literally been wearing it every winter for the past three years so it has lasted pretty well! Plus, it's super cosy, it kind of feels like you're wearing duvet which is great for winter! 

Inspired by The Last of Us and Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Onto the jewellery. 

The necklace on the left is inspired by the game The Last of Us. It's personalised on the other side and inspired by pendents worn by the rebel group named 'the fireflies' in The Last of Us. You can actually collect the pendants in the game so it's pretty fun and nerdy to have a real life one! 

The cross pendent came into my possession when I was younger because me and my sister were super Buffy nerds. Our parents bought us each a cross pendent, just like the iconic cross Angel gives to Buffy. I was so excited and felt like such a badass slayer whenever I would wear it (and still do tbh.) 

I always feel like I'm wearing a secret, undercover cosplay whenever I wear these fictional character inspired pieces. Let me know if you have bought anything inspired by your favourite fictional characters, and what you bought! I think the relationship between fiction and reality is super interesting so tell me all about it!

 Thanks for reading and have a great day! 

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