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Sunday 21 August 2016

steven universe on tablet
So, I've been watching Steven Universe recently, and I'm kind of obsessed. Steven Universe is a cartoon following the lovable adventures of Steven and the Crystal Gems, who are essentially space aliens protecting the earth. Steven, a half human, half gem spends his time navigating life as a kid, as well as saving the world, helping out with offical gem business and controlling his magical powers. Steven Universe is great, lovable and one of the best kids cartoons I've ever watched, I've come to adore it, so much so that I'm writing this blog post about it. Also, note how I skillfully incorporated a chunk of amethyst and a shooting star in the above photo, because Steven Universe is all about space gems. Nerd level intensifies.

Reasons to watch Steven Universe

Steven the 'Magical Boy' You've seen magical girls, now get ready for a magical boy! Steven is not the typical 'boy' character you'd usually find in cartoons. He's sensitive and naive but emotionally intelligent and kind. He possesses a lot of traits which are typically 'feminine' and which are often absent in the portrayal of male characters in cartoons. Steven's character is kick ass and magical in a new and different way, a way which disrupts gender conventions.

In fact the entire show scrambles and disregards plenty of gender conventions. Steven's father, the only other main male character on the show, is gentle, kind, and always has time for Steven. The Crystal Gems, are genderless but also very 'feminine' and use she/her pronouns. Steven lives with three gems, Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl, who are his mentors, teaching him how to use his gem power and have a close family bond. It's a break from the traditional cereal packet family and offers not just an alternative, but an alternative that is positive and shows how alternative family structures can work wonderfully. Steven Univere is also super inclusive, and one of the most open minded shows, normalising queer relationships, which is super important in a hetro-normative society! (especially through Garnet and Pearl, without spoiling anything!)

Well developed female characters
Pretty much all the main characters, with the exception of Steven and his Dad, are female or presented as female. This is super important for representation, especially for kids! Similarly, the characters are all different shapes, sizes and colours. All the characters have their own strengths and are amazing in their own ways, showing that no matter what you look like, you are awesome and can kick ass. The Gem's bodies are all different, but celebrated and accepted as great because they are what feels best for each gem. An important lesson we can all learn from.

Voice acting 
The voice acting is amazing and the cast features plenty of women of colour!! This show has my support 110% ALSO the music. Sometimes the characters burst into song and there are some really amazing songs. Stronger Than You was the first song that hit me in the heart, it's pretty damn amazing, just give it a listen. My other favourites include, Strong in the Real Way, Do It For Her, It's Over Isn't It?, Something Entirely New, and Tower of Mistakes. LISTEN and be amazed!

The story and overarching plot is clever and gets pretty intense! It reminds me a bit of a slice of life anime, showing the everyday life of Steven as a kid but also glimpses of Gem life and Gem adventures! It's upbeat and optimistic whilst dealing with serious topics. Steven never gives up and always sees the best in people (even when they're threatening to kill him.) It's so refreshing to see and watching an Steven Universe just makes me feel all warm and fluffy inside.

The Artwork is AMAZING 
Steven Universe is set in a little beach town with magical goings on, and the artwork is super pretty. There are a lot of pinks, purples and blues and all the settings are so magical and visually pleasing!!

If none of the other reasons speak to you, give Steven Universe a watch just for Peridot. She's such a precious and hilarious character. She's a little gem from the gem homeland who gets stuck on earth, and has to adapt to life on earth. She's awkward, strange, and hilarious as she learns about humans and humanity. Also this gif:

Thanks for reading and have a great day! 
Do you watch Steven Universe, or any other cartoons? Let me know!


  1. Such an interesting post! I sometimes watch this show from time to time with my brothers but the show definitely has some strange moments as well haha. If you haven't already you should check out Bravest Warriors and Bee and Puppycat on YouTube, they're really great too!

    Evelyn ♡ |BeautyCloud9

    1. Ah thank you, and I definitely agree there are some odd moments, I think I'm so invested in the show that they don't really seem strange anymore, haha. Ooh, they're made by Cartoon Hangover, right? I've heard so many great things about them, especially Bee and Puppycat. I'm definitely going to check them out soon, they might become my next cartoon obsession! Thanks for reading and the recommendations! xo

    2. Yes cartoon hangover, they're the same creators of Aventuretime! :) They both also have those odd moments but I love it haha, I hope you enjoy them if you end up watching them! :D