what's been going on in the rosarioverse?

Wednesday 20 September 2017


I still exist.and Rosarioverse still breathes, despite being dormant for three months.

Just been a bit busy, tired and lacking inspiration but I'm back with some new ideas and determination to resurrect my blog. I've been a bit busy with life, tiredness, and lacking a bit of inspiration while adjusting to some life changes.

Joined the gym

Where I apparently spend a lot of time flexing in the changing rooms and taking selfies.

I’ve been health concious for a few years but this year I decided to take the plunge and acutally join the gym. I want to grow my muscles and get some strength, especially in my arms. Seeing gains and building up muscle makes me feel super good and accomplished, and it's a good for my health, a win-win situation.. I’m not sure how to describe the feeling the gym gives me, a sense of achievement perhaps and it makes me feel good mentally and physically. I just love it, and I never thought I'd be someone to enjoy working out haha.

Got a new full time job

Which consumes most of my time. I'm either at work and working hard, or commuting to work for at least an hour and a half each day. I forgot how much time commuting takes of your day. I've also discovered that damn, sitting at a desk for the best part of the day can be super exhausting. Working in London is good fun though, there's so much good food around and lots of interesting things to see, I feel super lucky even though my days are long!

Other stuff

Obsessed with the new Neck deep album. 

Discovered Grimes properly. Realised artangels is a masterpiece we have been blessed with.

Um Brand New released an album and I didn't know anything about it for a whole month. I am catching up slowly.

New front bottoms song and tour announced. It's damn good.

Got obsessed with Dorayaki's from Wasabi. It's heaven wrapped up in a pancake shaped package. 

Ate a lot of Pad Thai, so good.


Life has been a little something like sleep, eat, work, gym, attempt at a social life and then repeat.
So I've pretty much just been super tired, at the gym or working. I'm not quite used to my new routine just yet but I'll get there, even in have to draft on the train using my phone!

But I am officially back with some ideas I am determined to fit around my job, gym, and life.

Rosario out. 


  1. I love going to the gym - hope you find a good time balance with everything.


    1. I gym is amazing, makes me so happy! thank you!