30 lifestyle and book blog post ideas!

Saturday 8 October 2016

Looking for some blog post inspiration? Since conjuring up and planning 31 blog posts for Blogtober, I've acquired a wealth of ideas for blog posts. Here are some which will hopefully give you some inspiration! 

Lifestyle & Style

  1. Share your day in 24 photos or 60 seconds if you want to branch into video format! Or maybe even both if you’re up for a multimedia challenge
  2. Go on a date with yourself and document it
  3. Share your favourite things about blogging/being an internet babe
  4. Write the recipe for the perfect day
  5. A list of good things for bad days
  6. Write a post raising awareness for a cause you really care about
  7. Share some tips for productivity and time management
  8. Did you have any childhood obsessions?
  9. Share some inspirational quotes and why you love them
  10. A classic what’s in my bag or a what’s on my bag (for any badge, pin, and accessory fans)
  11. Share your favourite seasonal outfit 
  12. Share your favourite lounge wear 
  13. Share and outfit of the day and your thoughts on each piece/what it means to you, and how it fits into your personal style
  14. Share the evolution of your personal style, your taste in music, makeup etc.
  15. Write a posts sharing your collections- makeup, books, badges/pins, hairbands, merch etc.
  16. Spread some internet love and share your favourite bloggers and youtubers
  17. Share some dreams – from your childhood and your current dreams
  18. Write about the inspirational figures in your life (fictional or not)
  19. What are your hobbies? Write a post for beginners and how to get into it –where to start.
  20. A themed wishlist or current wishlist (because everyone loves a bit of online shopping)

Books, & everything else

  1. Recent reads and your thoughts
  2. Cosy reads for colder months
  3. Books you are determined to read by the end of the year!
  4. Reasons to be excited for recent releases/upcoming releases
  5. Share your favourite book quotes
  6. Pick up a newspaper/old book and create some blackout poetry + share the process!
  7. Your favourite books/films/TV of all time
  8. Create a themed playlist and share it (seasonal, by genre, the possibilities are endless)
  9. Apps that make life so much easier/ your essential apps
  10. Create a themed recommended reading list (eg recommended Halloween reads, recommend reading for nerds/for fans of …. etc.)

I hope you found some inspiration or just had a nice time perusing these ideas! Thanks for reading and have a lovely day!
PS. let me know if you're doing blogtober too!
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  1. Awesome post! I need all the inspiration I can get at the moment, so I love all of these different ideas! :)

    1. Yay! let me know if you use any of them for a blog post!! :D