the savior that is Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer

Tuesday 12 July 2016

animal crossing happy home designer on black 3DS

I've been obsessed with this game recently. Partly because cute little animal clients, partly because I've been ill, and partly because there's a lot of designing.

The game itself is pretty simple. You take on the role as anew employee at Nook's Homes and design homes for animals based on the theme or suggestions they give you. The theme could be a colour, a place, an idea such as a yellow house or a ‘comic artist office’ or somewhere to be ‘surrounded by books’ or a ‘street fair’ etc. They usually include  around two items which are required, but other than that you get complete creative control!

It’s a lot of interior design but you can also design their gardens and choose the plot of land for their house. The landscapes are vast and range from snowy mountain tops to the desert, to the beach. You can even choose plots with rivers and water to make some interesting little gardens..My personal favourite is that you can choose the season! I’m particularly partial to spring because the trees all turn pink!

Each house you design unlocks new items and decorating things related to the theme, gotta catch them all, right!? (sorry, wrong game)  But seriously, part of the obsession I have with this game is to to unlock ALL the objects! I just want all the objects available to the make the cutest little houses.

You can also complete public works projects, including a school, office, restaurant, cafĂ© and more! You can use anything in your catalogue to design these and you have complete creative control over the design and let me tell you, I’ve spent more time than I want to admit perfecting these projects (so much time)

Using Amiibo cards and the NFC reader, you can import your favourite Animal Crossing characters into the game but I don’t have a card reader so I can’t really say too much. Seems fun though.

And finally, Happy Home Designer totally cured my cold… or rather passed the time as I laid in bed, hoping and praying to feel better soon – it’s a good time killer and a lot of fun. It’s a pretty simple game and doesn’t aim to compete on the same level of house designing as the sims, but it’s a simple way to be creative, have fun, and relax. 

Are you an Animal Crossing fan? What's your favorite game/animal crossing moment?

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