ways to tackle feeling down and unmotivated

Tuesday 31 May 2016

Sometimes life is overwhelming. It's easy to get cloudy headed and fall into a puddle of negativity and bad vibes. I find trying to keep a positive mental attitude (PMA) when possible, really really helpful. It's not possible 100% of the time and it's not easy, but here are some things that help when I'm feeling negative and hopeless. I've anointed it my personal 'get out of that slug life,' note to self, for future reference.
❤︎ Make a to-do list and plan your week. Schedule time for getting things done, time for rest and time for everything else. If you don't have a proper diary, just make a week plan on a piece of scrap paper and keep it somewhere easily visible. Schedule time for fun things and relaxation as well as work, so you have something to look forward to, Once you've got a general schedule down, it makes life seem less overwhelming. It's okay if you don't 100% stick to it - don't give up on it, just try again.

❤︎ Make something. Do something creative. I always feel 110% more energised when I've done something creative. This could be your passion, planning a blog post, starting a piece of art, working on that thing, or finally finishing that other thing, taking a photo of something beautiful. Alternatively you could pick up a new book you've been looking forward to, or return to an old favourite for some comfort. 

❤︎ Read and collect some inspirational quotes. Pinterest quotes always motivates me to get out of a slump and do something. Writing them down in your phone is helpful too, so whenever you feel down you can quickly read some nice words. I have so so many quotes that inspire me but that's a whole other blog post! Some of my simple favs are: 'So far you've survived 100 percent of your worst days. You're doing great,' and 'when you think you're screwed, remember we're all on a big wet ball, floating in the dark.' The latter in particular helps when I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed and has a kind of grounding effect. 

❤︎ Make a positive playlist and put it on repeat. - I have a playlist on spotify specifically for songs that make me feel positive and hopeful. Alternatively, sometimes listening to sad songs can help you feel a bit more understood, but don't fall into the trap of getting bogged down by the sad songs! To quote The Maine, 'no one gets me like the sad songs, when I'm lost and I'm all alone.'

❤︎ Tidy/clean your space. - Cleaning is always quite satisfying. When things are feeling overwhelming, a messy environment sometimes makes things seem x1000 worse. Tackle each area bit by bit if you have lots to do, and put on your comfort music, tv or film in the background to keep the monotony at bay. 

❤︎ Go outside. Cloud watch, gaze into the depths of the universe, just absorb the outside air. If it's winter, put on a coat and scarf and go outside, embrace the cold, even if it's just for two minutes in your garden/street. Go somewhere you love (or just really like) and embrace nature for a bit.

❤︎ Exercise/Shower/Nap. I recommend Blogilates video workouts for some simple and easy ways to get some exercise, you don't need any equipment and Cassey (aka blogilates) is so motivational and amazing! I always feel ten thousand times better after taking a shower, all clean and refreshed. Taking some time to moisturise and look after your body is always helpful as well. Naps are a bit controversial as they're sometimes hit and miss but when they're good, they're good! 30 minutes usually works for me, I set my alarm for about 45 minutes to give myself 15 minutes to fall asleep! Taking time to look after your body is hard when you feel a bit down and gross but I find starting with a shower is usually the way to go!

❤︎ Write your feelings. Find an old notebook and just write your feelings. You don't have to write everyday but if you don't want to talk to someone about your problems, or have no one to talk to, writing your feelings can really help, and even give you a new perspective.

❤︎ Cry if you need to. It's okay to cry. Crying is kind of refreshing. I always feel so much better after a good cry. I like to see it as expelling my problems or whatever I'm upset about. Once you've wiped away the tears, it's like a weight has been lifted, and I force myself to stop thinking about it.

❤︎ Talk to someone. Even if it is just a simple conversation, it can really help. Ask them about the highlights of their day, talk about all the good things and the funny things.  

How do you get yourself out of a slump? I'd love to hear some of your tips! 


  1. This is so like I was feeling just yesterday. It feels so good to know I am not alone feeling down & demotivated.
    I write in my journals while meditating that helps alot c:

    1. I hope you're feeling better! Journals are the bomb and I'm always writing in mine too, it's so relaxing. I tried meditating a while ago and stuck with it for about a month, I should probably get back into it!