loot: snacks, books, and art supplies

Monday 20 March 2017

hello panda nintendo 3ds
Loot I've picked up lately:

let's start with the snacks 

pocky strawberry choco banana hello panda biscuits japan okatu
An Oriental market recently opened up in my town, so I checked it out and stumbled upon these snacks (amongst other delicious goods you just cannot find in supermarkets!) Pocky have always been these super intriguing Japanese snacks that seem to be everywhere online, but illusive and hard to find offline. Needless to say, I was super happy to find them so close to me and at a very decent price! I also picked up these super cute Hello Panda biscuits, which taste like strawberry milkshake and are so adorable, I just couldn't leave without them. I think it's super important to support small and local businesses, so I will definitely be returning to get my snack fix. Plus, I saw apple gyozas and haven't stopped thinking about them since my last visit. 

Some new art supplies 

art supplies, watercolour pad, sketchbook,
I had a dream I filled an entire sketchbook for once (with drawings of roses in different colours and mediums) so naturally I bought some art supplies to make my dream into a reality. I'm still a very amateur artist who needs a lot of practice, so I picked these up from The Works at bargain prices. I chose a A5 sketchbook for a bit of everything and a watercolour pad because watercolours are so fun to experiment with.

Onto the books

books, stack of books, eleanor and park, rainbow rowell, paper towns, john green, sane new world, ruby wax, chocolat jonanne harris

Added some new books to my shelves, all thanks to The Works. They were on offer so I had no option but to buy them! Especially when I saw Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell, tucked away under a huge stack of books, I had to expertly extract a copy without accidentally knocking them all over! Definitely felt like I was putting all that childhood Jenga practice to good use! I read Fangirl a few years back and it has remained one of my favourite books, so I have high hopes for Eleanor and Park!

I also spotted Paper Towns by John Green, which I've heard mixed opinions about but I enjoyed The Fault in Our Stars, so I'm willing to give it a go.

I picked up Chocolat by Joanne Harris mostly because I saw part of the film ages ago and it seemed interesting, and partly because I remember the plot involving chocolate, and lets be real, I just love chocolate.

milk and honey, rupi kaurmilk and honey is everywhere online. Poems from this book are shared so much on instagram and seem to resonate with so many women. From what I've seen, milk and honey is a collection of raw and vulnerable yet empowering poems with supremely feminist tones. All attributes I'm drawn to in both literature and life, so I impulsively ordered this. Gimme all the raw and emotional feminist literature you can find.

Thanks for reading, hope you have fab day! Let me know what loot you've picked up recently!


  1. Love this post and your blog babe. It's so cute, pink,and fun <3 xoxo

    Regards, Sarah - https://sarahbaileybeauty.wordpress.com/blog/

  2. I really need to pick up Milk and Honey so badly, it sounds amazing! Also I love that you found somewhere local to grab pocky, yay! :)
    Jemma | DORKFACE

    1. Ah yes! I'm so keen to start reading it and can get my pocky fix at the same time, haha!

  3. I loved Eleanor and Park it really takes you back to what it was like to be a teenager, I'm loving YA at the moment because it's so much easier to read. Also Milk & Honey is just beautiful in every way especially when you're feeling vulnerable and need poetic support to make you feel like a girl boss again!


    1. I agree with YA being easier to read and I definitely find it really relaxing to read, especially if I'm feeling stressed out. I definitely got those kinda vibes from milk and honey + I'm very excited to start reading it!