hot cross bun chronicles: the perfect hot cross bun

Wednesday 8 March 2017

Over the past few months I have developed an intense love for hot cross buns. I don't remember how or where it started but I’ve been picking them up at every opportunity. At every food shop and bakery I found myself gravitating towards to hot cross buns, putting them straight in my basket, and buying them. I even joked about becoming a hot cross bun blogger. Turns out I was only half joking because here I am, ready to share my thoughts and love for hot cross buns, in what I'm titling 'The Hot Cross Bun Chronicles' A series of posts dedicated to hot cross buns!

As a self proclaimed hot cross bun amateur-expert, I figured kick this series off with some thoughts on what makes the perfect hot cross bun. I've been trying different brands and flavours of hot cross buns over the past few months so I've clearly given this a lot of thought. Plus, I'm sure everyone I speak to on a daily basis has got a bit bored of all my hot cross bun talk.

1) The bun should be golden and sticky on the outside, and soft and doughy on the inside.

2) They should taste rich, delectably fruity and sweet. The buns should be spiced to perfection and not simply taste like a bread roll with currants in.

3) Speaking of currants, they should be evenly distributed and there should be a couple in every mouthful. 

4) They should smell fragrant, pure and have that iconic hot cross bun smell, that heavenly cinnamon and orange fragrance.

I hope you like hot cross buns because I'm officially embarking on this hot cross bun adventure! Expect reviews, some recipes and a heck load of enthusiasm for hot cross buns. I just really love hot cross buns.

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Thanks for reading! Let me know your thoughts on hot cross buns!


  1. Haha this is so cute! I can totally see that you have been obsessed with hot cross buns! I'm excited for you to embark on this adventure as much as you are! ^_^

    1. Thanks girl! + I just can't hide my love for them! I'm super glad you're excited, yay! xoxo

  2. This is so cute haha! I've never been one for hot cross my buns, myself, mainly because I really don't like currants. Such a shame because they look and smell so yummy! Who knows, maybe you will convert me in this series haha.


    1. Ah, I do hope I can convert you to the hot cross bun clan! But I do understand not liking currants. I actually used to hate them but have slowly grown to love them! I don't know how or why but I guess taste buds can change!?