Some current favourites

Saturday 1 October 2016

Some Current Favourites 

First up, I've really been enjoying experimenting with drawing and watercolours. I recently bought a pretty cheap set of watercolours (to add to my collection) because the colour range was so extensive and I am a little bit lazy (but seriously look at those colours.) I also made the magnets below from polymer clay and some paint. They were initially intended to be a gift but I messed them up a bit and I’m not convinced they’re up to gift standard. They got a little smudged and the drawing went a bit wrong so I had to abandon ship on some of my initial designs which was a little disappointing. I’m proud of them though and they still look kind of cute in my opinion. Plus I glazed them with glitter glaze, yep, glitter glaze.

Next up, I've been reading Battle Royale for the past couple of days, and man it's good. The size of the book (600 pages) was intimidating me for the longest time and I feel like such a fool because it's pretty addictive and great. It's quite gory and a very disturbing. The story is set in a dystopian Asia in which a class of middle school kids are forced to fight each other to the death. It's essentially the original Hunger Games and it's damn good so far.
And finally I just wanted to show how cute these little glass jars are. I picked them up from Wilko / Wilkinsons a few days ago and seriously, how adorable are they!? They have little pastel lids and contain pastel coloured pegs and clips. I use clips and paperclips a lot and the little pegs will come in handy for hanging things in an aesthetically pleasing manner! So cute I might just cry.

What are you guys loving at the moment? 
And let me know if you're doing Blogtober too!


  1. Those watercolours are pretty. I love the green and blue tones :) And those jars with pastel lids are too cute!