Hot Chocolate Flavour Protein Shake Recipe

Saturday 28 December 2019

What are the two things the best things in life? Chocolate and anything high in protein.

So of course, I’m sharing this quick and delicious recipe with you. If you’ve had vegan protein powder before I’m sure you’ve realised that sometimes you need to mix it with a little bit of something else to make it that bit more palatable - whether that’s banana, cocoa powder or flavour drops. 

Here is the recipe I’ve been using for my morning Hot Chocolate flavour protein shake, to get that extra bit of protein in while also enjoying a shake that tastes slightly more indulgent. High protein dessert for breakfast every day! 

30g vegan protein - I used Awesome Supplements Chocolate Salted Caramel - Ideally use chocolate but cookies and cream also tastes amazing 
1 Teaspoon cocoa powder - I used Cadbury’s Bournville 
3  Drops MyProtein Maple Flav Drops 
1 Shot of Sweet Freedom Chcoshot 

The Method 
1) I lined my glass with the Chcoshot first to create a pretty and aesthetically pleasing shake, it blends so well with the shake and you can taste that extra chocolate every time you take a sip! 
2) Add the protein powder and cocoa powder to the shaker or blender and mix with water or a plant-based milk. 
3) Add the flav drops for extra sweetness 
4) Pour into your glass and enjoy. 

Some alternative combinations that I love using are cookies and cream flavoured protein or mixing things up with chocolate orange, mint or peanut protein. You could also use unflavoured protein (eg soy, pea or rice) and simply add the cocoa powder and flavour drops to add that hot chocolate flavour. 

And if you want a real hot chocolate protein shake, you can always use hot water or heat some plant-based milk up before mixing in the dry ingredients! 


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