2018 wishes

Tuesday 9 January 2018

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Happy new year! This year I've decided to go for new year same me, rather than new me. I'm quite content with most things in my life and I feel as though I have the strength, power and determination to change the things I'm not so content with when I need to. So this year I'm continuing, improving and hopefully becoming Rosario 2.0. The same good ol' Rosario, just a lil bit better, grown up, and in control.

Continue making gains at the gym 

I'm dedicated to going to the gym at least 3 times a week and I want to stick to this, maybe even getting 4 cheeky sessions in, depending on my schedule. I've also started going to the gym on my lunch break to get a quick workout in if I'm busy in the evening, something that I defo want to continue this year. It might sound a bit extreme but this way I can get my gym fix and a bit of a social life, best of both worlds! Plus, I really enjoy going at lunch, a quick workout always makes me feel 10/10 after a morning of work and like I'm ready to take over the world.

Learn how to deadlift properly

I've almost mastered the Romanian deadlift but I want to perfect my conventional deadlift form. I'm a little bit scared of hurting my back so I've been putting this off for a bit, but this year I'm gonna get it done. Learn, practice, lift heavy, and get those gains. I'm super excited and enthusiastic to incorporate deadlifts into my gym schedule and maybe even some more moves.

Eat for energy

I'm always super tired and certain foods sometimes make me even more sleepy and sluggish. I'm not gonna eliminate them completely ( because they are delicious and good for your soul) but I wanna work on eating some more wholesome foods in an attempt to have more energy and be more productive !! I essentially want to make more of an effort to eat foods that make me feel good and energised (especially when you have a long commute every morning) and less of foods that don't make me feel so great.

Learn to prioritise

The things that are important to me are sometimes sidelined because I'm tired. I'm a firm believer of making the most of your time and making time for the things that are important to you. If I just prioritise my time and manage to it better I can make time for the things I care about (family, gym, social life, blog) This wish also links in with changing my diet for more energy, once I have more energy prioritising will become easier. I want to prioritise myself a bit more this year, to make sure I'm making the most of my time and spending it on the things that are truly important to me.

Try new makeup

I have a ton of makeup brushes for eyeshadows but not a lot of eyeshadow, or eyeshadow applying skills. I want to work on my eyeshadow skills and be able to wear cute and colourful styles confidently, as well as creating masterpieces on my face. I'm always super in awe of people with amazing makeup skills so project -get good at eyeshadow- is commencing. 

Save money 💰

I have a savings goal to reach by May.To do this I'm gonna cut back on unnecessary items and as much as love the food options where I work, I'm gonna minimise eating out at lunch and make extra effort to bring food from home. I'm also need to make sure I bring enough food!! I always seem to get super hungry at work and end up buying extra snacks oops. I'll leave that habit it 2017. 

What are your goals/wishes for the year? I'm rooting for you, you can do whatever you want! 


  1. Good luck with your goals! I also want to workout regularly (maybe go to the gym?) and save money this year. ♥


  2. I'm doing the "better me" thing for 2018 as well! Instead of setting goals I set myself a word of the year: flourish. I want to flourish into 300x the person I am now! Honestly, I've never felt more motivated to grow as a person as I do this year.

    You've set some great goals to achieve this year! Working on your health and money habits are always great things to aim for, as they will benefit your future as well as right now! Good luck achieving these goals ☺️

    Indya || The Small Adventurer