✨ a badge/pin wishlist ✨

Friday 2 September 2016

Happy September everyone! It's no secret that I love badges and pins, I even wrote a post about my collection a while ago which motivated to expand my collection. So I've complied a wishlist of badges I would love to have in my collection and today I'm sharing them! Most of these badges are from Etsy as I'm a firm believer in supporting independent artists, and let's be real, Etsy is the best place for really unique and cute pieces!

I picked a bunch of cute badges that reflect the things I love and things that are important to me. A lot of Steven Universe, some Adventure Time, an adorable Life is Strange badge, a crybaby Sailor Moon, a cute little Pokemon badge (Buneary is one of my favourites) and a quote from Buffy! I also love the grl pwr badge, because feminism, and the fur club badge because body hair is not a crime + when I was younger I used to call eyebrows 'fur' so this badge is a perfect throwback!

Thanks for reading and have a great day!
 Which is your favourite!? Do you have any favourite places to buy badges from? 

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