reasons to play life is strange

Sunday 24 January 2016

Life Is Strange has quickly become one of my favourite games.

It's an episodic game, following student, Max Caulfield as she navigates her life after acquiring the ability to rewind time. The decisions you make in the game impact the past, present and future and have different consequences which is always hella fun!

Just some reasons I love this game:
  • It's beautifully written and the story involves time travel, a mysterious tornado and uncovering the secrets behind the disappearance of a fellow student. Also reconnecting with a friend and being all teenage and nostalgic.
  • It made me feel all the feels. 
  • It has an amazing soundtrack, so nostalgic and cute. 
  • Has a female lead.
  • The story is very character driven and has a female friendship at the forefront.
  • Shout out to the characters Warren and Kate, for being cute lil' cinnamon buns. 
  • The character and complex and amazing.
  • The graphics have a hand drawn aesthetic and are very beautiful.
  • Time travel woo!
  • Has tempted me to invest in a polaroid camera 
  • And make a polaroid wall (as pictured above) 
  • I just love this game and a limited edition (including the soundtrack and exclusive art book) has just been released! 

Has anyone else played Life Is Strange? If you haven't definitely give it a go!!

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