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Monday, 27 February 2017

Oh boy, this year I’ve been listening to some good music. I’ve started the year by filling my head with amazing tunes from punk rock bands with amazing outlooks. Recently I’ve been actively trying to listen to and support smaller bands, plus bands including minorities in the rock scene (women, people of colour & LGBTQ people.) think it’s important to be mindful of the music and art you support.

I recently read an article, in which Jason Butler articulated some thoughts that’ve been creeping up on me for a while now. ‘Rock Music is Boring’ the article is titled, a direct quote from Butler. Butler states, ‘most rock music is a heterosexual white boys club.’ Whilst I listen to a lot of mainstream rock, it does get repetitive and boring at times - the same straight white dudes rehashing the same old music. I want to give more recognition and support to minority groups, who do exist within the scene. In a system that favours straight white men, minorities are automatically disadvantaged, which is why it’s super important to actively support them. Because let’s face it, success in the rock industry (and life generally) is considerably easier if you’re a straight white man.

As someone who identifies with multiple minority groups, I understand first-hand how powerful it is to see a part of yourself reflected in the music you love. Representation is important. So even if you don’t care, here are some bands that you should definitely check out, because regardless of who is the band, they still make some damn good music.


Diet Cig 

Diet Cig are an amazing punk band with a really upbeat and poppy sound, packed with tons of personality. They are honestly the kind of band I wish I listened to as a teenager but also a band I adore in my twenties. Lyrically, they cover a range of themes, from relationships, to first apartments, to femininity in the punk scene, which makes them super interesting to listen to. They’re also really vocal about important issues on their twitter and were selling handcrafted patches on etsy, donating the proceeds to good causes (helping to resist Trump + protect marginalised groups) Diet Cig are releasing an album this year and I'm so excited I just wanna dance. (smirk)

Recommended listening: Sleep Talk, Tummy Ache, Harvard, and Scene Sick.


A queer punk duo, there for the queer kids, and making amazingly glittery pop punk music. I’m sure I found PWR BTTM and Diet Cig at the same time, through the related artist section on Spotify. The sound is authentic, their songs are so individual and unique, plus glittery, did I mention glittery? They recently released a music video for a song from their upcoming album, and it's literally a party in a music video. Their music is eclectic and as a band they are super vocal about queerness, which is very important. They're also doing doing a UK tour in April, which I definitely want to be part of. 

Recommended listening: I Wanna Boi, Ugly Cherries, Big Beautiful Day, and Projection.

Muncie Girls

Female fronted, politically aware and unapologetically feminist, Muncie Girls combine three of my favourite things. They are a UK based band from Exeter, and a new favourite of mine. Lyrically straightforward and to the point, their songs are catchy and radiate authenticity. They capture so many facets of modern human existence and collate them into an album, which I find very impressive and inspiring.

Recommended listening: Respect, Social Side, and I Don't Wanna Talk About It


PUP are a band I’ve seen popping up around the internet for a while, but never really got round to checking out until one dark January day, when I heard their song 'DVP.' Let me tell you, that song literally got stuck in my head for weeks. It’s one of those songs, so damn catchy it feels like it's been infused into your bloodstream and you catch yourself singing the instrumental parts. PUP create upbeat rocky tunes juxtaposed with some really intense and heart breakingly sad lyrics. The vocals are really unique and captivating, and even the vocalist's accent gets stuck in my head. Also, Sleep in the Heat is super sad and it only gets sadder when you hear that the song is about a pet Iguana. Also, the music video stars Finn Wolfhard from Stranger Things.

Recommended listening: DVP, and Sleep in the Heat, and Doubts.

Deap Valley

Deap Valley are a grungy, feminist rock duo, and wrote a song called ‘Smile More.' Definitely my kind of band.  The first song I listened to was ‘Royal Jelly’ which is amazingly grungy and atmospheric, followed shortly by ‘Smile More.’I’m always getting told to smile and cheer (shoutout to resting bitch face) so I knew I had to listen to it instantly. My reaction was something along the lines of ‘wow, someone wrote a song about resting bitch face, didn’t know I needed this in my life but how did I ever live without it?’ It’s an empowering song, on a really empowering album.

Recommended listening: Smile More, Queen Bee, and Gonnawanna.

What have you been listening to recently?
G O O D R E A D S // T W I T T E R // I N ST A G R A M 

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