Monday, 27 February 2017

some spectacular bands to listen to

Oh boy, this year I’ve been listening to some good music. I’ve started the year by filling my head with amazing tunes from punk rock bands with amazing outlooks. Recently I’ve been actively trying to listen to and support smaller bands, plus bands including minorities in the rock scene (women, people of colour & LGBTQ people.) think it’s important to be mindful of the music and art you support.

I recently read an article, in which Jason Butler articulated some thoughts that’ve been creeping up on me for a while now. ‘Rock Music is Boring’ the article is titled, a direct quote from Butler. Butler states, ‘most rock music is a heterosexual white boys club.’ Whilst I listen to a lot of mainstream rock, it does get repetitive and boring at times - the same straight white dudes rehashing the same old music. I want to give more recognition and support to minority groups, who do exist within the scene. In a system that favours straight white men, minorities are automatically disadvantaged, which is why it’s super important to actively support them. Because let’s face it, success in the rock industry (and life generally) is considerably easier if you’re a straight white man.

As someone who identifies with multiple minority groups, I understand first-hand how powerful it is to see a part of yourself reflected in the music you love. Representation is important. So even if you don’t care, here are some bands that you should definitely check out, because regardless of who is the band, they still make some damn good music.


Thursday, 2 February 2017

february wishes

~ Some February wishes to grant myself (aka monthly goals) ~

Visit a museum and/or Art Gallery 

(thinking about the Saatchi Gallery or the Tate Modern). A day at a museum never fails to inspire and amaze me, plus I live right outside London so I should definitely take advantage of that.

Start trusting myself, get some balance in my life

 + root out negative habits, thoughts and routines. Think along the lines of 'stop what’s stopping you' Also meditate every morning because this is a bit vague.

Have a good time seeing Modern Baseball 

And get some more gig tickets.

Post three time a week on this blog. 

Rearrange some bits on my shelves.

Take myself out on a date 

It's Valentines month and whilst I’ve never felt strongly (or at all really) about Valentines Day, taking myself out on a date and treating myself to literally whatever I want, seems like it will be really good for my soul.

Sort my life out a bit + stop avoiding everything 

Yay for vague and huge goals! I honestly need to make lists and sublists to do this one, and that is literally the plan - to make lists and sublists, and then go from there.

Make some art and put in on my wall 

Creating things, even if they're not ~the best~ makes me feel supremely fulfilled and alive. I want to work on something, maybe a little painting or piece of embroidery, and hang it up by the end of the month.

What are your February wishes/goals?