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Monday, 19 December 2016

There is no right or wrong way to journal. You simply open your journal and create. My journal is a bit of a combination of daily life entries and art journal pages. Sometimes I'll go all out with my art supplies, and other times I'll simply pick up a pen and write. Sometimes I'll spend time planning and journal at my desk, but most of the time I just sit in bed and journal.

I find journaling fun and a great way to be creative, but also very therapeutic and stress relieving. I always feel a bit buzzed after completing a page and relieved to get things off my chest. At the end of November I completed this journal, and flipping through really reminded me of all the things I've accomplished this year. By documenting the good times, it reminds me that they will come again, by documenting the bad times, it reminds me that they will always pass, and looking back at all the art I've created inspires me to create more. What I'm saying is, I really like journaling and encourage everyone to give it a try!


You can use whatever you have! I started out with just a couple of coloured pens then gradually started branching out.

My go to supplies include:
❤ a journal! mine was a gift (from Paperchase though) The pages are lined and none of my pens bleed though! a thumbs up from me!
❤ coloured pens + fineliners {I use Papermate InkJoy 100 ballpoint pens + Staedtler pigment liners)
❤ watercolours
❤ this snazzy water brush
❤ highlighters (these cute ones are from Paperchase!)
❤ washi tape
❤ glue
❤pretty magazine cuttings or literally anything you've collected. I like to keep receipts, train tickets, labels, old documents, wrappers, literally anything that can be creatively reused and turned into art!

classic pen to paper writing

I think writing words in a journal is what comes to mind when people hear the word journaling. I find writing about my day, my thoughts or emotions really freeing and allows me to get them out of my head for a while. Sometimes I'll add some doodles and try and pretty up my pages, but other times I'll just simply write.

This is an example of how I journal when I'm not sure what to write about or create. I like to make little lists and write short snippets of thoughts or quotes I like. I sometimes use colour and doodles to make my page a bit more visually appealing, whilst also documenting my day.


I usually do mixed media or art journaling when I'm feeling inspired and have a bit of free time to do a bit of planning. Above is a collage I made from newspapers, magazine cuttings, paint, and some doodles. It was inspired by the quote 'I am haunted by humans.'

I made this one from watercolours, paint and newspaper, after seeing a punk art exhibition and hearing some kinda pretentious comments about how 'beautiful' it was. I do believe things can be beautiful and have meaning at the same time, but they seemed like they were missing the point. I like to think I channelled the iconic punk style, with the messy cut out letters juxtaposed against the pretty and mellow watercolour background. 

This final one is a just a bit of everything really. I used some watercolour, magazine cuttings, washi tape, and pens to just write about my day. It's a combination between a daily journal entry and art journal page, which summarises my journaling style perfectly! 


As I mentioned, I like to journal before I go to bed, when I'm usually too lazy to get all my supplies out. At times like these, I just pick up a couple of highlighters (pink, purple, blue are clearly my favs) and write it all out. I often use highlighters to write a quote and then outline the edges with a fineliner. It's so simple and looks better than simply using a highlighter or pen. I always pick lyrics and quotes I find comforting in some way. Sometimes I even do little doodles. They don't always turn out too well though! (the black scribble lol)

The first photo is a page with lyrics from Empty Gold by Halsey, alongside a list, and words that held some kind of meaning. The bottom photo is a page I made when I was feeling a bit fragile and unsure of myself, so it's full of reassurance, acceptance, and positive vibes.

Another technique I love is writing quotes in watercolour! I use this snazzy little water brush my Mum introduced me to. It's essentially a brush with water in the handle, which eliminates the need to dunk your brush in water every time you paint. I use it when I don't have a pot of water nearby, and let's be honest, when I'm feeling too lazy to get some. It's a pretty magical invention and the tip of the brush is prefect for writing quotes. Above is a very Steven Universe page, made using watercolours, highlighters and fineliners! 

I also use grids as backgrounds a lot. Mostly because they're easy to do and nice to look at. You can use a ruler if you want them perfectly straight but I usually freehand them because 1) I'm a bit lazy, and 2) I like the imperfection. I used highlighters for the grid background and watercolours behind the quotes! (cookies and high fives if you know where these are from)


I don't do a lot of doodling in my journal. Mostly because I don't have a lot of drawing practice so I'm never really happy with the way they turn out. A little bit silly, as I know I will never improve if I never practise!!

I used watercolour to write this 30 Seconds to Mars lyric and stuck some of my cute new washi tapes at the top of the page! I also bought some nice things that day, (pocky + mochi + pinapple) so I did a quick little watercolour sketch! I was pretty pleased with how it turned out - it is one of my better doodles!

A rather humorous doodle in which I call myself trash in (presumably) a joking manner? I drew this when I was super stressed out about my dissertation. Self depreciation is not something I advocate but I'm not going to pretend it didn't happen. I suppose this is an example of using my journal to make myself feel better and relieve some stress.


Lists are super easy to do, and make really succinct and to the point pages. This is an ongoing list of positive mental attitude (PMA) songs! It's essentially a list of good songs for tough times. I also make a lot of lists when I can't find the words to describe my day or thoughts, and they're a nice way to document your day without going into detail. Perfect for when you're pushed for time, or just about to fall asleep!

I've only been journaling for about a year and whilst I don't think my journal is very creatively impressive, I really enjoy it and I'm pleased and happy with what I create. Journaling has become a really positive part of my life and even if I don't use my journal for a couple of days or weeks, I know I'll return to it eventually + can always look back though and reminisce!

Do you have a journal? 
What are your favourite ways to journal? 


  1. This is gorgeous! I love that you can journal in any way you like and use it to be creative. I really like the idea of incorporating some art into it. I like making collages in some of my journals.
    Steph x. Hello, Steph Blog

    1. thanks so much, ooh collages are always super fun and fulfilling to create!

  2. I love journal posts and seeing peoples' creativity come through and their unique way of keeping one. The drawings are awesome! I usually write while in bed, all words. Been doing it since I was in 2nd grade so you can imagine how many I have! I don't get to as often these days but writing hands down is one of my fave ways to de-stress! Thanks for this post!
    XX Jen

    1. me too! oh wow that's amazing + some serious dedication! writing and keeping a journal really is so therapeutic and stress relieving! thanks for reading!