favourite apps & a digital detox

Monday, 14 November 2016

Recently, I’ve been on a bit of a digital cleanse. I’ve been riding my phone and computer of all the apps and programs that I have no real need for. I'm a fan of technology and really believe that when it's used right we can do so many amazing things. But I also feel a bit over-saturated with apps and junk that I don't necessarily need, that don't enrich or add anything positive to my life. They just waste my time but not in the good relaxing way. So I got rid of them.

And so I'm sharing the good ones, the apps that I find the most useful and helpful in everyday life, productivity and creativity.

BBC Weather App 

This is a staple of mine, especially as we’re transitioning into the unpredictable autumn winter weather.  I find this quite accurate and you can see the weather hour by hour – including when it’s predicted to rain, and over a week of forecasts. You can favourite different areas which I found super useful for checking the weather at university and at home. I’d recommend checking daily to catch any updates. Plus, this app is so handy for planning outfits (trying to deal with that unpredictable weather again)


Dropbox is essentially a folder you can install in multiple places and everything stays in sync and it’s amazing. I use it to sync files I use frequently between my phone and computer. It’s super useful for files you’re regularly working on and need to access on your phone/on multiple computers. You essentially download the dropbox folder onto your computer and device and anything you put in that folder is then synced to all your devices. I found this super handy for university as I could work both on the go and at home. 


Citymapper is an app that helps you get around cities. I use it for London because the tube is confusing and I'm kinda bad at finding my way anywhere really. It’s super handy for trains and the tube and the best part is that it even lets you know the best carriage to get on! How magical is that? It can also be used internationally for a bunch of popular cities around the world, including Birmingham, Paris, Berlin, Rome, Tokyo, Singapore, and Sydney!


Pinterest is the place to go for internet inspirations and guides all in one place. There’s recipes, ideas, inspirational images, DIYs, everything! It is super easy to get sucked into endlessly scrolling and repining though. I find it super useful for organising creative projects, finding inspiration, as well as stumbling upon motivational quotes and browsing aesthetically pleasing photos. 


I find having the YouTube app on my phone so handy, especially for following a tutorial when you're not near a computer. Plus I just like to catch up with my subscriptions every once in a while. There are so many handy tutorials, inspirational people and content that you can access from your phone or device!

VSCO & Line Camera

I use these two apps for photo editing. I use VSCO for it's basic editing tools and plethora of filters, and Line Camera for it's cool features, like adding sparkles and more artsy editing to my photos, as well as all the basics. I've found Line Camera really good for brightening photos and has a cool collage feature. 


Buffer is a super helpful app for managing your social media. Buffer allows you to schedule tweets and offers analytics for your twitter. You can schedule tweets for certain times or to a set schedule and you can 'rebuffer' existing tweets to reach a larger audience. I find it super handy for days when I know I'm not going to have time to be very active on social media.


If you have a blog or read blogs, you probably know about bloglovin' I love the website and was so pleased to download the app. I love reading blog posts on the go, when I have a bit of free time, and also in the morning with my breakfast! My only gripe is that you can’t comment in the app, you have to open the blog in your browser to comment and it just feels a bit inconvenient (or maybe I've just become very inpatient?)

I also really like Twitter and Instagram but we have a bit of a rocky relationship so they're just getting honourable mentions today. These apps are super useful and are my essential apps I never want to delete!

Thanks for reading and have a great day! 
What are your favourite apps? 


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  2. I am a lover of youtube as an app on my phone. I should be gravitating towards buffer as a blogger bt its just chilling in my phone! LOL