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Friday, 25 November 2016

Autumn isn’t my favourite season, it's cold and dark and not much fun. So I decided to put together a little autumn survival guide, my autumn essentials, if you will. The things I think are nice to have in autumn and kind of counter all the cold and darkness.

Autumnal Walks

Walks are fun and a great way to get some exercise. But in autumn, they are especially pretty and you get the chance to kick all the leaves like a child. It might be a bit chilly but it’s good to get outside, appreciate nature, and admire the changing seasons. I always make the effort to take a photo of something pretty or interesting I saw on my walk - so at the end of the season I’ll have a little collection of walk inspired photos to look back on.  


To accompany chilly autumn walks, mittens. My current favourites are these fingerless gloves that magically transform into mittens! They’re cute, functional, and cosy all in one. Such a magical invention!  


My skin gets so dry in the autumn and winter, so I’m always smothering myself in hand cream and moisturiser. My hands and my eyes always seem to get hit the first so when autumn rolls around I surround myself with hand cream and a good moisturiser. My current favourites are Soap and Glory hand food, and this Liz Earle Moisturiser. I also really love the Lush Whipstick and Nivea Hydro Care lip balm (with SPF!)

I also make an effort to eat a lot of fruit and vegetables, particularly ones rich in vitamin e + a + c. I’m not sure how scientifically accurate this is because there is so much conflicting information on the internet, but eating more veg and fruit isn’t going to hurt. It's always a good thing to eat more fruit and vegetables so consider this a friendly reminder to try and get some more in your diet! 
Soap and Glory Hand Food

Liz Earle Moisturiser 

Lush Whipstick

Nivea Hydro Care lip balm with SPF! 

A lot of pop punk

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, pop punk is the perfect autumn music. Recently I’ve been super into The Front Bottoms (seeing them live next week, so excited) and Modern Baseball.Modern Baseball released their album Holy Ghost this year and holy flip that album is an experience. There is a documentary about the making of the album and it just takes it to a whole other level. They’ve put so much of their selves into that album and they seem like such an amazing band! Check them out if you haven’t already!  Canterbury are one of my all time favourite bands and their album 'Heavy in the Day' is so atmospheric and it just really reminds me of autumn!


Autumn evenings are perfect for lighting a good scented candle, switching on some fairy lights and cosying up inside. Maybe read a book, watch a film, make some art, or just hang out with your favourite people. If it’s cold and rainy out, doing some stretches and simple yoga is always a fun way to be cosy but kind of active still! Yoga with fairy lights and a lit candle in the distance is an experience, definitely give it a try! 

Dark Lips

I have a teeny tiny mouth and for the longest time I thought I 'couldn't’ wear lipstick, let alone dark lipsticks. I thought my mouth was too small and it looked ‘bad’ because having a small mouth is kind of seen as a 'flaw' and I didn't want to emphasise that. But I’ve since realised beauty standards are all made up and life is all about perception. If I think it looks bomb ass, then my lipstick looks bomb ass. Beauty standards are societal constructs, they’re false, they’re made up, and always changing, so you will never win.

What looks ‘good’ is entirely up to perception so I'm rejecting beauty standards and wearing the damn lipstick. And to be honest, other people’s opinion on my appearance means very very little to me. My appearance is no one else’s business but mine. This has turned into a mini rant about beauty standards but for the first time I feel confident wearing dark lipstick, and that's a pretty nice feeling. 

What are your autumn essentials? 
+ If you're a front bottoms or modern baseball fan let me know so we can fangirl together!

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