a witchy ootd

Sunday, 30 October 2016

I've always admired fashion bloggers but honestly never though I would make an ootd post myself, even though I am super into personal style. I adore the feeling of crafting an aesthetic and vibe that makes me feel empowered and amazing. There's something about the act of putting different articles of clothing together that really appeals to me. For me, personal style is an act of creativity. So, I figured why not make an ootd post?

The only thing holding me back was my camera shyness. I grew up so super camera shy and I'm not even exaggerating here. At one point during school I literally cried because I didn't want to be in a school photo. Pretty extreme, pretty dramatic. I guess whilst I'm never going to be a fashion blogger, this is like a little triumph for me, a little victory over any appearance and photo related issues I've had in the past. Go me!

This is one of my favourite outfits to wear and it coincidentally has a real witchy vibe to it. I will pretty much wear this outfit anywhere and everywhere, so I guess I'd consider myself witchy all year round. It's the perfect combination of comfy and cute.

Ingredients for the perfect witchy outfit:


This black dress is one of my absolute pieces of clothing. It's so big and comfy and stretchy and is 100% my go to outfit for style and comfort. A black dress is the basis of a witchy outfit. I got this one from Boohoo a couple of years ago and may actually be the only black dress I own, which means it's imbued with a lot of magical powers.


I put white shirts and collars under pretty much everything. Funny story about how I started wearing them actually. After living in band tees for a couple of years and tanning very easily in the sun, I noticed that my neck/chest area was a different colour to my face, and got super self conscious about it. So, I started wearing these shirts to easily cover my chest and neck, and accidentally fell in love with the way they look under pretty much everything. Came for the cover up, fell in love with the cuteness. A true love story.


I recently got these socks from Forever 21 and I'm so in love with them. Although thanks to my brilliant photography skills you can only partially see them (lol.) Forever 21 have a really good range of styles and colours at the moment, so if you're as obsessed with socks and tight obsessed as I am, definitely go check them out! They look really autumnal, and are super convenient for days when it feels too warm for tights but too cold for bare legs.


I bought this super cute and creepy skeleton cameo necklace a couple of years ago on Etsy and still adore it. It's one of my favourite necklaces to wear all year round, but I think it's especially appropriate around Halloween!


But wait, there is no hat pictured?? A witches hat is like the icing on a cake and I am desperate to buy one, but I've found that they're always too big for my head? Like impossible to wear on a windy day and will slip off the moment I move my head. One day though, one day I will find the floppy hat that fits my head perfectly.

And that's my recipe for the perfect witchy outfit! I had so much fun with this post and hope you enjoyed it too. Thanks for reading and have a great day! 

Also has anyone else experienced camera shyness?
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  1. I really love this it's so cute! Love the outfit! How do you edit your photos?

    1. Thanks so much!! It's a bit of a time consuming process, but I use GIMP the photo editor, and use the cutting tool to cut around an image to remove the background, and then add a new background in the layer behind. It takes a bit of time to actually cut around the image but I find it quite calming and relaxing to do, haha.

  2. I really love your witchy-vibe OOTD! Your black Boohoo dress is lovely and looks fabulous styled with your white Forever 21 over the knee socks and the white shirt collar. Best wishes in finding the right floppy black hat.