drunk with freedom

Thursday, 19 May 2016

AS of Tuesday, I have officially completed all my university work and I'm free. For the first time in my life I don't have anything education related to prepare for in September and I feel drunk with freedom. I can do anything I want and it's a little overwhelming but a heck of a lot freeing.
I've neglected my blog for a good couple of months, but I have returned, unburdened by university guilt and with plenty of creativity and ideas. There's nothing like a unexpected break to spark your creativity. I've been silently reading blog posts between eating breakfast and starting my day but I'm finally ready to get back into the blog world and I'm very very pumped about it. Before I do though, here's a brief summary of some of the  things I've been doing over the past two months. 

❤︎ My dreams of joining a roller derby were crushed when I realised just how awful I am at roller skating (I fell over like ten times)
❤︎ Turned 21!!!
❤︎ Became a true hipster and acquired a polaroid camera
❤︎ Enjoyed the sun and appreciated nature a lil bit more
❤︎ Wrote and handed in two dissertations (that's like 14,000 words)
❤︎ Kinda sorta fell in love with zayn, halsey, and the front bottoms
❤︎ Survived university

How has life been for you guys recently? feel free to share lil' bits of your life!
i'm always up for hearing about them!

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