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Monday, 30 May 2016

 cute girl using snapchat dog filter
Let's just take a moment to appreciate snapchat filters, and specifically the dog filter (my username is rosariololz, expect more dog selfies and inner monologues expressed through images)

I love the internet and just want to say thanks, and what better way than to publish a blog post dedicated to the internet, on the internet. Whilst there are downsides to the internet (procrastination, abuse etc.) as someone who grew into an adult with the internet (from about age ten!) I can't imagine my life without it. I want to celebrate some of the positives, the great parts of the internet, how it's enriching lives and making positive changes.

 Social justice! The internet schooled me on so many social justice issues, some that I personally have experienced but couldn't quite put a name to, as well as those affecting other people. It's made me a much more compassionate, empathetic, and open minded person. It's also been super important to me as a brown girl growing up in a very white area! 
 Fundraising sites. Literally saving people's lives and helping out other people in need, which is pretty damn amazing. 
 FEMINISM – oh my glob, where would I be without internet feminism!? Literally no one irl would have introduced me to feminism, self-love, body positivity, or self-acceptance. I would have continued my life as a burrito of shame and self-loathing. Internet babes forever. 
 Accessibility to everything and anything - people, music, tv, films, new ideas and viewpoints, information and knowledge.
  Connecting and reconnecting with people. You can meet people all over the world, people who have the same interests are you. Especially for older generations, I know my parents have reconnected with people they've lost contact with over the years thought the internet. 
 Blogging, Youtube and self-made creators - you can source content relevant to your life, rather than what is dictated to you through television. There is so much more accessibility, representation and flexibility with platforms like blogging and youtube than with traditional publishing and journalism and television. You can literally make something and people all over the world can see it, that kinda blows my mind a little bit. 
 MEMES - need I say more? 
  Online shopping, online ordering for almost everything (zero face to face interaction + pizza) 
  Providing a world of opportunities and entertainment for us internet peeps. 
 And of course, cute animal videos.
I have no idea who I would be without the internet, it's opened my mind and helped shape me into a better person, and helped me become so much more comfortable and accepting of myself, so thanks internet.

What are your favourite things about the internet!?

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