february 2016 in review

Saturday, 5 March 2016

February was so short, It's like we've been sucker punched and suddenly it's March!?

February has been a month of half finished books. 
I started reading around five books and have yet to finish a single one!?? Most were required reading and I will probably finish them at some point, but my relationship with reading has been a bit (understatement) rocky recently. So many books, so little time, am I right!?

I did however finish the short story 'The Destructors' by Graham Greene and really really liked it! It pretty much just follows a gang of youths in post-world war two Britain who decide to destroy a house. It sounds pointless but it packs in a bunch of comments on class and youth cultures. It focuses pretty entirely on young masculine working class culture, which something that usually doesn't interest me, but surprisingly I was super interested. Mostly because it contains a quote about one of my favourite ideas, destruction as a form of creation and the unbreakable bond between between destruction and creation. I literally love the creation/destruction idea so much that I've been using it to structure my monthly blog posts! (even before I read this book lol)

"Streaks of light came in through the closed shutters where they worked with the seriousness of creators - and destruction after all is a form of creation"

Music is the saviour of my soul when I'm submerged in university work, so shoutout to The 1975, Halsey, and Lorde for brightening up my February and keeping me company in stressful times!


An element of unproductivty. I've dramatically decreased the amount of time I spend mindlessly wandering through the internet and have been filling my mind with inspirational stuff and things. I aspired to write about how I've been destroying my dissertation(s) with fervour and enthusiasm but but that didn't quite happen... at all.

But March is the month of renewal and rebirth and trying again (my words of wisdom this year) and it's also my birthday month, so March shall no doubt be great and if it isn't, I will make it so! Pow! Motivational pep talk complete!

How was your February? Feel free to share all the random stuff and things going on in your life!

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