saviour songs // january 2016

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Saviour Songs is a monthly playlist, consisting of the songs that set the musical backdrop to Rosario's life. 

  • 'We're just trying to find some colour in this black and white world.'
  • This month's playlist consists of a whole block of Panic! At The Disco, why? Because they just released the album 'Death Of A Bachelor' and it is insanely amazing. I'm ready to conquer the universe when I listen to this album, it's really that good. One of my favourite thing about Panic! is the diversity of their music, every album is really different and I think everyone could find something they love from their earliest album (released ten years ago) to their most recent (this month) It was tempting to include every song on this album (which you should listen to because -mind-blown) but here are some I love especially. 
  • I've included possibly my favourite Paramore song 'Anklebiters' which has my favourite lyrics (which one day I might get tattooed on myself so that I'm forced to see it everyday) 'fall in love with yourself.' I'm a firm believer that being comfortable in and with yourself is such a liberating feeling and this lyric just serves as a reminder that you are damn awesome and you should one hundred percent be your own biggest fan. 
  • I recently got back into Foo Fighters and 'Stranger Things Have Happened' was one that made me happy this month. 
  • My Sister recently lent me her Red Hot Chilli Peppers CD collection and I've been listening to Road Trippin' a lot! 
  • The more I listen to Marina and the Diamonds the more I love her music (and her) 'Gimme love, gimme dreams, gimme a good self esteem.' Lyrically and sonically amazing. 

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