6 goals for 2016

Thursday, 31 December 2015

I've never been one to make new year resolutions but this year I've changed my mind. It may not be 'new year, new me' but more along the lines of 'new year, slightly changed/better version of me.' My mindset has changed quite a bit the past year and I've realised that I'm constantly evolving and growing as a person - it's hard to make sudden and drastic changes and maintain them, but it's more effective to make smaller and more gradual changes. So I'll try.
  1. Go vegan for one month - I rarely eat dairy products, but I'm going to cut out products with added animal products (like chocolate, ice cream etc.) It's mostly junk food so this doubles up as getting back into eating healthily. 
  2. Create more - I want to blog more, and I'm going to write a post every week about whatever topic I'm feeling at that moment. I want to create everything and anything. I want to take more photos and photograph everything that feels right. 
  3. Make a new friend - I'm kind of a hermit and having more friends is always a good thing. 
  4. Don't give up on things just because they're hard - I'll try this one but I definitely have to allow room for slip ups. I want to be a positive shining star and not let the small thing get me down, and I guess that starts with trying. 
  5. Dye my hair - I've been talking about dip dying my hair red for years, but this year I'm going to do it. I'm just going to do it, going to do it for sure. 
  6. Try to kick that procrastination habit - I've got to try right!? I'm going to make more time for reading and playing video games and generally doing all the fun things without feeling guilty. 
(bonus words from 2015 to remember in 2016)
it's okay to be scared sometimes, and brave sometimes, and fail sometimes, and it's not possible to lose every time
unconventionality is your thing, embrace it
it's okay not to know everything, making mistakes is okay
don't give up on things just because it's easier
take as many damn photos as you want
you're doing well
you don't have to justify yourself to anyone
smooth seas don't make good sailors

Have you made any new years resolutions? 

What are you determined to do in 2016!? (you can do it, I believe in you)

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